Life Drawing Guided Sessions - location Old Ambo Nambour.

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Join us for 2 hours of life drawing guided session with a life model.

The model will pose throughout the sessions from 2-5 minutes series, 10 minutes then a longer pose of up to 30 minutes to give you the opportunity to draw at different angles and perspective.

Come once a month for this interactive creative opportunity to build your skills without any pressure.

Please note that the model will be nude and will require breaks in between poses.

This is not an art class however you can use our artist to help you if needed.

Knowledge required - Beginner-friendly.

What you'll get:

- 2 hours with your own artist and host to guide you through making your artwork.
- A life model who will pose for up to 2 hours. 

What to bring:

- Your own medium for preliminary drawings/ paintings.

- BYO food and drinks. 

Session repeats: Will change month to month depending on studio availability. 

Sessions are dependant on availability of models. Please ensure you leave a mobile and email for contact so we can let you know. 

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