You can’t make a career from art!

Hey creative lovers and friends, 

Welcome to my very first blog!

I will mostly regurgitate topics that come into mind that is related to my art business and personal creative journey. I won’t get into why I started this because you can read that in the about me section. 

Talking about art business, it took me almost 15ish years (no I’m not telling you my age so this number may be more or less) before I decided to make a good go at this art biz thing. 
I did the art college back in Brisbane then started a fashion brand at a young age, before facebook and instagram. I learned a lot and got to win a really awesome award but at the end, I didn’t know how to make it commercial.
Then I met a bunch of people along the way, other artists, designers and corporate professionals who love to tell me that there is no money in art.
Or if you make art your job, you will soon lose joy in it.
Or you will never likely make it in fashion, your career will most likely be making uniforms. So inspirational right?

Anyway, after being a Financial Planner and almost killing my soul doing it. It’s not you Financial Planning, it’s me. I decided to do this. Be a full time artist!!
Eek, scary because I had failed before and I’m terrible with social media and being aesthetic and business today is all about those two things. Also I had just moved to the Sunshine Coast and hardly knew anyone. And Sunshine Coast is an artist hub full of ‘real’ artists that are amazing. Am I a real artist?

I am happy to say that I love it, but it is hard. Long hours, a lot of roles to be filled by one person and always feeling like all you do is spend money in the business. 

I’ll end it here and I will take you through my journey and hopefully inspire another artist our there to take the plunge. Do it my creative friend, your soul will love you for it,

Adios x Hana.